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Piano Trick This is a classic of magic. An odd card jumps from one pile of cards - freely
  selected by the spectator - to a different pile

You need: A pack of Playing Cards
An Assistant
Water to Ice An amazing trick. You change water into ice - in an instant !!!!!!!

You Need: 1 Cup - A Polystyrene Cup will do
Toilet Tissue (or Kitchen Roll)
Some Water
An Ice Cube - (Either Real or Plastic)
See figure 1
We have included two simple  but impressive magic tricks on this page for all of you who can't wait to
get started learning magic.

Ask your volunteer to place his/her hands on the
table, with their fingers touching the table top -
as if they were playing the piano.
See figure 1

The Effect
Starting from your left, place two cards in
the space between the first pair of fingers
- pinky and ring finger. Repeat this with
every other pair of fingers (on each hand) -
except the last pair, You only put one
card here,
See figure 2

Figure 1
Figure 2
Remove one of the pairs of cards  - from between the fingers - placing them down into two piles
on the table saying "Even".
See figure 3 and figure 4.

Repeat this with each of the other pairs in turn. The pairs can be removed in any order - but
you must remove the single card last of all.

When you take this last card allow the assistant to pick which pile you should put this card on.

Figure 3
Figure 4
When the spectator has selected the pile, place the single card on this pile and have them put
their finger on this pile - so you can't cheat. You tell them that you are going to make the odd card
jump from the pile that they decided to put it in - into the other pile.

Make your finest magical gesture.

Figure 5
Pick up the  pile  that the assistant is touching
and take off a pair of cards, putting them on the
table saying "Even". Once again create two piles
using one card from each pair. Repeat this until
you have used all the cards from the first pile.
(note do not count the number of pairs out loud)
See figure 5

Finally, pick up the other pile of cards. Once
again  take off a pair of cards, putting them
on the table saying "Even". Put each card
from this pair on to the piles you created
earlier. Repeat with the other cards - you will
find that you are left with one odd card at the
end. Proving that you did indeed make the
odd card jump from one pile to the other.
See figure 6

Figure 6

never show the face of the odd card.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

Always tip the cup towards you.


Take some toilet paper - around 4 - 6 sheets should
do, Put them into the bottom of the cup - add a splash
of water (not too much) Turn the cup upside down - the
paper should stay in the cup.

Turn the cup the right way up - and drop the ice cube
in. You are ready to perform this amazing effect.


Tell your spectators that you have something
amazing to show them. Pick up the cup -
taking care to keep it tilted slightly towards
you so that the spectators cannot see into the

Pour some water into the cup - not too much.
See figure 2   Do not use too much water -
just as much as the paper will absorb.

Tip the cup upside down and the ice cube will fall
out. Your spectators will believe that you have
magically changed the water to an ice cube.
See figure 3.

Note:  You will need to practice this trick a few
times so that you can tell how much paper to use -
and also how much water you can safely pour into
the cup.

When you have this right - you will have an amazing
trick to perform.

Single Card
Single Card